Yemen: the Houthi rebels keep on destabilizing the country - 14 April 2015 [fr]

Adoption of resolution 2216 on Yemen - Explanation of vote by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations - Security Council - 14 April 2015

(UN Translation)

We would like to thank Jordan for having taken the initiative to prepare and coordinate negotiations on the draft resolution on the situation in Yemen. France voted in favour of resolution 2216 (2015), of which it was a sponsor, as it deals with the root cause of the current situation, which is a political one: the ongoing destabilization of the country by the Houthi rebels.

At issue is the militia’s refusal to abide by the Security Council’s requests, in particular those contained in resolution 2201 (2015), adopted on 15 February, and presidential statement S/PRST/2015/8, adopted on 22 March, as well as by the various agreements negotiated in recent months under the auspices of the United Nations, which have not been upheld. The threat posed by the Houthis to the unity, integrity, stability and sovereignty of Yemen can benefit only the terrorists, beginning with Al-Qaida but also, more recently, Daesh.

We have tirelessly for many months now indicated to spoilers of the political transition that we were determined to bring growing pressure to bear upon them in order that they cease their unilateral actions and return to the negotiating table. It was important for us to confirm our determination to translate that message into action, and this is what we have just done by imposing sanctions on Mr. Abdulmalik al-Houthi and Mr. Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh as well as a targeted arms embargo. Our collective credibility was at stake.

However, these necessary sanctions are not a means in and of themselves, but, rather, an instrument aimed at promoting the achievement of a political goal: an end to the crisis, the resumption of an inclusive political dialogue, agreement on the formation of a national unity Government and a phased relaunching of the Yemeni transition. That is the political goal that we are seeking. Here the United Nations has a key role to play, as its expertise and its neutrality makes it irreplaceable. That is why we support the role of the Organization in Yemen and call for the relaunching of the inter-Yemeni dialogue under its auspices as soon as possible.

Given the worsening humanitarian situation on the ground, France also calls for compliance with international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians. Free and unimpeded access to those in need of assistance must be guaranteed, as set out in the resolution.

France supports the Council’s steadfast approach to Yemen: the backing of Yemen’s legitimate President, Mr. Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi Mansour; its firm stance on spoilers; its support for the achievements of the transition and the country’s institutions; its call for a politically inclusive settlement that alone will allow the challenges in the country to be met; and the combat against terrorist groups. We express the hope that this approach will produce speedy results and are certain that we can count on the determination of the United Nations in that respect. We call upon all actors concerned — Yemeni parties, regional actors and influential countries — to work along those lines.

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