CAR: "Wagner’s presence in the Central African Republic is deeply destabilizing" [fr]



New York, 12 November 2021

[Translated from French]

The Security Council renewed today the mandate of MINUSCA. This is an important decision that will enable the mission to support the ceasefire declared on October 15 by President Touadéra. France calls on all actors in the CAR to respect this ceasefire and to commit in good faith to the implementation of the peace agreement.

This resolution also places greater importance on humanitarian access and respect for human rights, as violations have increased alarmingly since the crisis last winter, including by mercenaries. MINUSCA will continue to make the protection of civilians its priority, regardless of who is responsible for the violence.

Finally, this resolution will support the redeployment of the State throughout the country by authorizing the mission to provide more logistical support to Central African forces.

Wagner’s presence in the Central African Republic is deeply destabilizing. It is a factor of war, not a factor of peace. Evidence is mounting of the abuses committed by this group: extrajudicial arrests, extrajudicial executions, sexual and gender-based violence, threats against human rights defenders, obstruction of humanitarian access. All of this is unacceptable and well documented in the report of the panel of experts, in the joint report of MINUSCA and the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights, and in the reports of the Secretary-General.

[End of the translated part]

As I just said in French, the resolution adopted by the Security Council is important. It provides a strong support to MINUSCA as the mission has faced numerous and unacceptable attacks over the last months. It provides it with the means to accompany the implementation of the ceasefire announced on 15 October. It also puts a stronger focus on human rights and humanitarian access, as violations increased dramatically over the past months. We call all actors to respect the ceasefire, commit to the implementation of the peace process, and respect their commitment over human rights and international humanitarian law. Thank you very much.

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