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New York, 19 November 2020

Madam President,

I would like to thank the Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General for her briefing, but also and above all for all the efforts she has made during her mandate, allowing for significant progress on the path to a solution.

In terms of security, we welcome the signing, on 23 October, of a permanent ceasefire agreement over the whole Libyan territory.
The discussions within the "5+5" military committee on the modalities for the implementation of this agreement represent a real progress. The reopening of coastal roads, and subsequently roads in the central region of the country, could be the new step forward. It should be accompanied by an effective withdrawal of forces from the frontlines as well as other confidence-building measures, including a comprehensive process of disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of militias.

We call on the foreign forces and mercenaries present in Libya to withdraw within the 90-day period set in the agreement. The arms embargo must also be fully respected, in accordance with the resolutions adopted by this Council.

Madam President,

The Libyan parties called on the Security Council to adopt a resolution to guarantee the implementation of the ceasefire agreement. Our Council must now take its responsibility by authorizing the deployment, under the auspices of the United Nations, of a credible and effective monitoring mechanism, including to support the efforts taken the Libyan parties themselves. That is why we need the Secretariat to propose realistic but also ambitious options on this issue as soon as possible. France stands ready to work with its partners in this perspective.

On the political process, too, the progress made must be guaranteed over time.

It is up to the Libyans and the Libyans only to decide on their future.

The meeting of the Political Dialogue Forum held in Tunis and the continuation of these talks in a few days are encouraging.

The adoption of a roadmap and the agreement on the date of December 24, 2021 for holding the elections are important steps.

The participants at the dialogue forum must now agree on the formation of a new executive responsible for organizing elections. No one should impede this process. Potential spoilers will be subjected to sanctions.

We condemn violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, especially those committed against migrants and refugees. We must sanction those responsible. This is why, together with Germany, we have taken the initiative to request the designation of a migrant trafficker.

France strongly condemns the assassination in Benghazi of the lawyer and human rights activist Hanan Al Barassi. There must be no impunity for such crimes.

We welcome the strengthening of cooperation between the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Mission in Libya.

France will remain mobilized to ensure all stakeholders focus on the same goal: peace in Libya. It is in this spirit that we announced the convening of a meeting with Libya’s neighbors.

The Libyan crisis has endured for too long. France stands ready to continue its efforts. And the Security Council must fully play its role to put an end to it and to support the efforts of the Libyan parties.

Thank you.

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