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New York, 14 June 2021

Mr. President,

I thank Mr. Wane and Ms. Maïga for their briefings.

Mali is going through a particularly critical moment.

France firmly condemned the coup d’état which led to the forced resignation of the transition President and his Prime Minister. We took note of Mali’s suspension from ECOWAS and the African Union. We support the efforts of ECOWAS and the demands it set out. The Security Council, as indicated in its press statement of May 26, will continue to closely follow the situation. The absolute priority must be the organization of the presidential election on February 27, 2022, to which the authorities in charge of the transition will not be able to participate. France has temporarily suspended its joint military operations with the Malian armed forces pending clarifications. The ECOWAS mediation has noted some progress, in particular the appointment of a civilian Prime Minister and a government. We will be attentive to the conclusions of the ECOWAS Summit on June 19.

It is because this context is fragile that MINUSMA remains an essential tool. For the renewal of its mandate, we will propose to maintain its two strategic priorities. First, supporting the implementation of the peace agreement, which remains a central issue for the stabilization of Mali. Second, supporting the stabilization of the center of the country. We will also propose to maintain the task of protecting civilians, as inter-community violence persists. In all cases, dealing with these issues will remain partial as long as the Malians do not have a clear political strategy and resolute action to respond to all of the dimensions of the crisis: political, in particular with regard to the requirements set for the end of the transition, security, but also humanitarian, human rights and sustainable development.

We will propose that the mandate take these dimensions into account, as well as the essential issues of the full participation of women and youth in political life and the effects of climate change, which are one of the causes of the crisis in the Sahel.

Mr. President,

We note that MINUSMA’s resources remain limited to deal with the situation in the Center. This priority has been was given to MINUSMA in 2019 without providing additional resources. In this region, the mission has only 2,000 peacekeepers and three helicopters available every other week. We would therefore like to seriously consider the question of increasing the resources and the troop ceiling. This would allow the mission to better protect civilians and promote reconciliation between communities, without jeopardizing its action in the rest of Mali. This reinforcement would be complementary to the implementation of the adaptation plan, which we support and call for the full implementation of.

The support mechanism for the G5 Sahel Joint Force through MINUSMA is very useful but not sufficient. Increased and predictable UN support to the Joint Force appears essential to us. This would take the form of a support office, financed by assessed contributions. This solution does not require placing the Joint Force under Chapter VII. France intends to support the efforts of African countries to achieve this objective, within the framework of a discussion that we hope to see concluded as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to come back to the announcements made on June 10 by the French President of the Republic on the transformation of our military presence in the Sahel. This transformation had already been discussed at the N’Djamena summit in February 2021. In terms of method, we are currently conducting consultations with our Sahelian and international partners. The new framework will preserve our commitments to MINUSMA and to our international partners present on the ground alongside us.

Thank you.

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