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Renewal of MINUSCA mandate
Explanation of position by Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
Security Council – 15 November 2018

We are about to vote on a technical draft resolution (S/2018/1025) to renew the mandate of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) for one month.

It is indeed a technical need so as to allow one of the members of the Security Council to take the necessary steps in line with its domestic legislation in order to vote on the draft resolution that has been under discussion by the members of the Council in recent weeks.

The negotiations on the essence of a new MINUSCA mandate have essentially concluded. As penholder, and with a view to facilitating consensus, we have sought tirelessly, in the framework of expanded consultations, the most exacting balance among the different positions voiced. I believe we have achieved that balance.

That draft resolution, to which I will return at the time of its adoption, includes several important elements relating to MINUSCA and the support the Mission will be able to provide to the authorities of the Central African Republic in their efforts to promote peace and reconciliation in the country.

In that regard, I would first point to maintaining MINUSCA’s format and robust mandate — clearly an essential point. I would also refer to the political support that MINUSCA will be able to extend to the African Union Initiative for Peace and Reconciliation in the Central African Republic, as a unique framework for facilitating direct and inclusive dialogue between the Government and armed groups. There must be no ambiguity as to the central place of that African Union Initiative, as our draft resolution underscores. Lastly, I would refer to the additional support that MINUSCA could provide to the Central African authorities to extend State authority throughout the country’s territory — that being, as well all know, the key to success.

We therefore hope that the draft resolution to renew MINUSCA’s mandate for a year can be put to a vote quickly and that the Council will be able to extend it its unanimous support, in the interest of the Central African Republic and all Central Africans. That is the only aim that guides France, as it should be for all the other members of the Council

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