Adoption of a resolution reinforcing the "Women, peace and security" agenda [fr]

Women, peace and security
Explanation of vote by Mrs Anne Gueguen, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations
Security Council – 29 October 2019

France thanks South Africa for its efforts in a difficult context and welcomes the Security Council’s unity.

This is a victory for the women and peace and security agenda, which will mark its twentieth anniversary next year.

France welcomes the fact that resolution 2493 (2019) calls for the full implementation of all resolutions on this agenda, which are mutually reinforcing and to which France is committed in all their aspects. We would have liked the role of civil society and women human rights defenders to be fully recognized. Indeed, how can one envisage implementing the women and peace and security agenda without civil society and those women on the ground who try to change the status quo to demand the role that belongs to them.

It is regrettable that the Security Council continues to be silent on the crucial issue of sexual and reproductive health and rights, without which women’s rights remain in jeopardy and we cannot respond to the most basic needs of the victims of sexual violence throughout the world.

In conclusion, I would like to reaffirm that France will continue to support the full — and demanding — implementation of the women and peace and security agenda, including the full complement of all related resolutions.

Dernière modification : 24/02/2020

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