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« The consensus today is that when we neglect half of humankind, we are sure to see ongoing conflict. » Anne Gueguen, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, 10 August 2017

France’s promotion of the United Nations Security Council’s agenda "Women, peace and security"

It is essential to protect women against violence in conflicts. We must also promote and ensure their participations to conflicts prevention and resolution. That is why the UN Security Council adopted a key resolution in 2000: resolution 1325. Since 2000, seven other resolutions were adopted by the Council. They form a fundamental basis in order to fully take into account the situation of women in conflicts.

France is mobilized in the Security Council for gender equality, one of the sustainable development goal adopted by UN Member States in 2015, and for the protection of women’s rights. In this context, France actively promotes the agenda “Women, Peace and Security”. France organized during its Security Council presidency, on 27 October 2017, a public debate on “Women, Peace and Security”. It aimed at reinforcing the implementation of the agenda and to get commitments for an increased participation of women in the process.

Women protection in zones of armed conflicts

The effects of armed conflicts on women are numerous and destructive. We must fight against violence affecting them, take into account difficulties encountered by the displaced women and, more specifically, fight against violence committed against them by terrorist groups.

In 2008, sexual violence was recognized as weapon of war. France played an active role in the adoption of Security Council resolution 1820, highlighting a real awareness from the international community to the necessity of significantly strengthening the fight against sexual violence in armed conflicts and the fight against impunity. With regard with sexual abuse and violence, France supports the “tolerance zero” strategy of the UN Secretary-General, to prevent and respond to sexual abuse.

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The effects of armed conflicts on women are numerous and destructive.
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Women’s participation in the prevention and resolution of conflicts

Full participation of women must be ensured in obtaining and consolidating peace. In 2009, the Security Council adopted new tools to better take into account the role of women in peacebuilding (resolution 1888). This resolution requests the release of annual reports by the UN Secretary-General and encourages the appointment of advisors in peacekeeping operations. More and more peacekeeping operations mandates are taking into account the role of women at all stages of crises. This is especially the case for MONUSCO, MINUSMA and MINUSCA.

Fifteen years after the adoption of key resolution 1325, the Security Council adopted resolution 2242 (2015) which stresses the importance of women’s participation in political processes, in peace negotiations and in mechanisms of conflicts resolution and prevention. France promotes this participation, convinced that it will enhance the effectiveness of conflicts resolution.

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Meeting with women leaders during the UN Security Council Mission in Mali in October 2017
Credits: MINUSMA

France fully supports UN Women, the United Nations organization in charge of defending women’s rights. They implement together many concrete cooperation actions. France financially contributes to projects reinforcing women’s participation in countries such as Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic or for Syrian women refugees.

As a national initiative, France adopted two national action plans for the implementation of the agenda “Women, Peace and Security”. They are based on several pillars, such as prevention and promotion of the agenda, fight against impunity or protection against violence against women.

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