30 June 2016 - Our unique goal is saving and promoting the two-state solution

Middle East - Remarks to the press by M. François Delattre,Permanent representative of France to the UN - 30 June 2016

So just a few words. It’s a pleasure to be here with you this morning, with M. Nikolai Mladenov. Members of the Security Council just heard a briefing by M. Mladenov on the Quartet report. This was obviously an important briefing since the Quartet made the decision to come to the Security Council first, and actually this is the first time an official report of the Quartet is formally briefed on in the Security Council which in itself demonstrates the importance of the report and of the briefing that we just had. I will defer to N.Mladenov to preview the content of the report.

Members of the Council had a substantive exchange of views. There is a collective agreement that international action is needed. We heard strong support for the French initiative; we heard strong interest in the Quartet recommendations. These are complementary efforts towards the unique goal of saving and promoting the two-state solution, and putting the peace process back on track. I’ll close here because I have to come back to the Security Council right away.

Q: Yesterday you said that you hoped that the report would be released before the briefing. It wasn’t released, yet you were briefed on the content. Are you disappointed that it wasn’t publicly released and can you explain why?

A: The important thing is that the report is published. My understanding, but again Nikolai Mladenov will tell you, is that it will be published tomorrow morning and I am sure Nikolai will confirm it to our friends. Merci.

Q: Will the report strengthen the French initiative?

A: As I said I believe the two initiatives are complementary and we work and go forward together.

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